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Investment acquisitions, disposals, property and asset management

K.A. Property Services Ltd

K.A. Property Services Ltd is a niche property practice involved in Investment acquisitions, disposals, property and asset management. Predominantly investing offshore funds into the UK commercial property market. We have been actively involved in building Retail and Logistics funds on behalf of our investors.

We work closely with our clients to assist them with their financial and offshore structuring as well as continue to manage the asset right through to the eventual sale. We pride ourselves at being very hands on and pro-active, an effective team dealing with strategic issues at a principal level.

KAP was formed in 2004 but the partners have worked together for 15 years and have existing relationships with some of our management clients of well over 25 years. We are members of and regulated by the RICS.

KAP Approach to Property Management

Our management style is to keep a clear line of communication with our tenants and to provide an efficient service to our clients.


We always meet the tenants and provide them with the relevant contact details should they need to get in contact with us, the maintenance contractors and any emergency contact details. We endeavour to maintain a friendly open relationship and to deal with any problems they have as expeditiously as we can.

The emphasis is to represent the landlord in the best light possible.

It is also vital that your funds are managed effectively and we work in line with the RICS guidelines. Rental demands are sent out on time, rental collection is followed up and that the funds are forwarded to our clients account with speed in order to meet their financial obligations. Most payments are made by BACS. We will provide you with a quarterly report summarising tenant payments and transfer dates. A large number of our clients are based off-shore so we are very familiar with moving funds to different parts of the world and in dealing with off-shore trustees. We provide reports and financials to them and the banks in accordance with their requirements.

All properties are inspected at least once a year but if any of our staff are within the vicinity they will do an informal viewing of the properties. All inspections are undertaken by experienced building surveyors or property management with an eye to the condition of the property, any potential interim dilapidations, and any activity in the area that may enhance or impact on the value of the property

Our management team are very aware of Environmental, Health and Safety matters and keep themselves up to date on the latest legislation by attending seminars and then implementing where appropriate.

In the event of any legal action being necessary we work closely with the legal team to find an effective solution and will negotiate competitive legal fees. We are familiar with the legal processes required and any notices to be served.  Courses are attended regularly at the RICS to keep updated on any new regulations or government legislation. We adhere very much to the duty of care agreements signed by ourselves for the banks and make sure that we comply with all statutory legislation.

Any tenant’s works or alterations are dealt with formally with applications and consents being recorded and applied for where necessary to the relevant parties.

On acquiring the management of a property the leases are read in full with all pertinent details being added to the tenancy schedule along with any reporting requirements to the ultimate freeholder in the event of a leasehold and the bank.

  • Kim Killeen
    Kim Killeen Founder

    Kim is a property development and investment professional with over 25 years’ experience in international property markets. As a partner in South African consultancy Bradford Mc Cormack and Associates (now JLL) from 1989 to 2000 she focused on a range of developments including office blocks, convenience centres and strip malls. During this period she acquired vast experience and knowledge in retail development and investment.

    Kim relocated to the UK in 2000 and now specialises in offshore investment into the UK market. Representing Family offices, Pension funds, Prop co’ s and Syndications with clients from the USA, Saudi Arabia, South Africa, Switzerland and India.

    She has acquired in excess of £600 million in assets and built two funds on behalf of clients.

Our general practice offers the following:

  • Rent Collection
  • Property Inspection
  • Lease Renewals
  • Lease negotiation
  • Rental Demands
  • Accounting and reconciliations
  • Property maintenance
  • Tenant Liaison
  • Sub-letting and Assignment

Additional Services:

  • Capital Allowances
  • Rent Review
  • Interim schedule of dilapidation’s
  • Property Refurbishment
  • Schedule of dilapidation’s
  • Building Surveys
  • Agency
  • Planning
  • Sub-letting and Assignment

A team of consummate and experienced professionals.

Properties we have acquired on behalf of our investors.

Everything we do is guided by a commitment to excellence …

‘We are very hands on in the investment process. We sit with our clients and look at their investment criteria and then design a strategy accordingly. We manage the assets in house as well as putting the debt structures together and carry the service through to the exit.’   KAP specialise in foreign funds investing into the UK market.  We understand the complexity of a foreign investor coming into the UK market and have many years experience to make sure that it reaches successful fruition.

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We are very hands on in the investment process

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Kim Killeen, KAP founder, has dedicated the last 10 years to building the Ukuthemba Foundation.


Our commitment to social justice

Ukuthemba Foundation, in conjunction with local authorities, rescues babies and toddlers who face incredibly difficult situations, including extreme poverty, abuse, neglect and disability and keeps them safe by providing a loving home environment. Many of these children are born with drug and alcohol dependencies.

Moving away from large orphanages where children are often neglected and abused, the Ukuthemba concentrate on creating a small family nucleus of 6 children with a house mother.

This alternative approach to housing the children provides a home-like environment where they can be nurtured, attend the local schools and be integrated into society, with the emphasis being on love, education and protection.

Those in need receive medical care from nurses and all of them have the opportunity to be educated. Since it’s inception in 2006, Ukuthemba has opened five homes with great success and look forward to opening a sixth home at the end of 2015. With your contribution we can create more permanent homes.

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